CNN Arabic platform provides training dedicated to female journalists, content creators

CNN Arabic platform provides training dedicated to female journalists, content creators.

ABU DHABI, TGO: CNN Arabic’s Her Story (Hikayatoha), a multi-platform editorial and training initiative focused on the many Arab women who are creating an impact in their local communities launched earlier this year, conducted a virtual training programme for female journalists and content creators from different Arab countries.

The programme, in partnership with the Arab Network for Science Journalism, was focused on podcasting.

Samya Ayish, CNN Arabic journalist and producer, conducted the training programme focusing on the different types of audio content, script writing, recordings, montage, and publishing.

Attended by 40 Arab female journalists from the region, the training session started with a brief speech by Caroline Faraj, VP and Editor in Chief of CNN Arabic, followed by a speech from Ahmed Al-Shamir, President of the Arab Network for Scientific Journalism.

The training included the importance of podcasts and audio content in journalism followed by an explanation of the different stages of podcast production including the theme, research, script, recording, montage, and publishing. It underscored how, rather than the techniques, it is more important for podcasts to have a solid theme and also included a session where the trainer addressed the attendees’ questions on podcasting touching on the tools required to launch a podcast.

Following the completion of the training, the participants were provided with the opportunity to pitch proposals and ideas for possible stories and the winning ideas will be commissioned and published on the CNN Arabic Her Story page.