Erdogan offers Türkiye’s guarantorship system for Israel-Palestine peace

Erdogan offers Türkiye's guarantorship system for Israel-Palestine peace

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: All parties in the Palestine-Israel conflict should take their fingers off the trigger, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, urging an immediate cease-fire in the conflict.

At the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) parliamentary group meeting in Ankara, Erdogan said before the conflict erupted, he had planned to visit Israel but then cancelled his plans.

President Erdogan underlined the importance of the proposed guarantorship system as the most effective means to achieve short and medium-term stability and called on other countries to engage with this system.

Türkiye will never approve Israel’s atrocities’

Noting that Türkiye has no problem with the Israeli state, Erdogan said his country will never approve of it committing atrocities.

Almost half of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza so far are children, showing that the aim is deliberate brutality to commit crimes against humanity, he added.

He said that when those who stood up for the world in Russia’s war on Ukraine are silent about the massacre in Gaza, this is the “most concrete expression of hypocrisy.”

Accusing countries outside the region of “adding fuel to the fire” in the name of supporting Israel, he said the US would lose as it does not seem to want the world to be ruled fairly.

‘Unfair structure of UN Security Council’

Türkiye is deeply saddened by the helplessness the UN has fallen into, and no one takes it seriously as it turned a blind eye to the brutal killing of children, he added.

Türkiye’s objections to the unfair structure of the UN Security Council were again confirmed by recent news, he added, referring to how a Mideast cease-fire resolution was vetoed by one of the council’s five permanent members, a structure Türkiye has long cried foul over.

Erdogan reiterated his quotable slogan for UN reform, “The world is bigger than five,” referring to the unrepresentative nature of the UN Security Council’s five permanent, veto-wielding members.

The Jewish people know well that Türkiye is the only land that has been without antisemitism for centuries, he added.