Oman, Qatar to Hold Gulf Youth Forum Tomorrow

Oman, Qatar to Hold Gulf Youth Forum Tomorrow

Muscat, The Gulf Observer: In a collaborative effort between the Qatar Debate Centre, Oman Debate Centre, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth, the inaugural Oasis of Dialogue in Oman is set to commence on January 5 at the Crowne Plaza Muscat and Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This five-day forum marks a significant stride in fostering meaningful conversations among Gulf youth, specifically addressing the pertinent themes of identity and tourism in the region. With the participation of 50 young individuals from GCC states, the event is part of the broader Oasis of Dialogue series initiated by the Qatar Debate Centre. Serving as a platform for constructive dialogue, the forum aims to facilitate robust debate sessions, encouraging the exchange of ideas and perspectives on critical issues in the Gulf region.

This initiative not only strengthens communication ties among Qatari, Omani, and Gulf youth but also provides a unique opportunity for participants to engage with decision-makers from Qatar and Oman.

The forum’s overarching goal is to stimulate critical thinking, promote acceptance of diverse viewpoints, and delve into fundamental concepts related to tourism, sports, entertainment, and cultural tourism in the Gulf.

Furthermore, the event will shed light on the development of the tourism sector and its broader impact on other sectors and events, acknowledging the Gulf region’s status as a prominent winter tourist destination.