Türkiye will reveal to world that Israel is a war criminal: Erdogan

Türkiye will reveal to world that Israel is a war criminal: Erdogan

Istanbul, The Gulf Observer: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that his country is preparing to reveal to the world that Israel is a war criminal, as thousands rallied in solidarity with Palestinians at the “Great Palestine Rally” in Istanbul.

“As we will be shouting out to the whole world our joy of the 100th anniversary of our Republic tomorrow, we are speaking out our heartache for Gaza today,” Erdogan said, addressing the rally at the Ataturk Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Scenes from the airport showed people from different walks of life, carrying Turkish and Palestinian flags, with some wearing headbands with the inscription, “We are all Palestinians,” “End the genocide, let the children live” and “Be the voice of Palestinian children.”

“What was Gaza, Palestine in 1947? What is it today? Israel, how did you get here? How did you enter? You are an occupier, you are an organisation,” Erdogan said, stressing that Türkiye intends to present Tel Aviv to the world as a war criminal.

A vile massacre is being carried out in Gaza, he stressed, once again asking how many innocent children, women and elderly must die before a ceasefire is declared.

Also criticising the West’s unconditional support for Israel and the mobilisation of media to legitimise the massacre of innocent people in Gaza, Erdogan emphasised Türkiye’s bold pro-Palestine stance in contrast, saying: “The West owes you (Israel), but Türkiye does not. That is why we speak without hesitation.”

“The West’s book of sins has once again overstepped its bounds,” he added, emphasising that Israel could not commit such atrocities without Western backing.