US Ambassador to UAE visits Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

US Ambassador UAE

Abu Dhabi, The Gulf Observer: Martina Strong, the United States Ambassador to the UAE, and the accompanying delegation visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

During the visit, they were accompanied by Dr. Youssef Al Obaidli, the Director General of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, on an insightful tour where they were acquainted with the mosque’s cultural message, which revolves around coexistence, tolerance, and openness towards all. These values originate from the significant principles and rich values instilled by its late founder.

They also learned about the significant role played by Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in introducing the tolerant Islamic culture and its global leadership as a distinctive model among other places of worship that extends beyond being solely a place for religious rituals and prayers, encompassing its role in promoting the UAE’s cultural and civilisational message, which is based on coexistence, peace, and harmony amongst different cultures of the world.

Furthermore, the U.S. ambassador and the accompanying delegation were introduced to the comprehensive system and distinguished services the Visitors Center provides to visitors from different cultures. They also explored the specialised library of the Centre, which houses a collection of rare precious Arabic manuscripts in the form of microfiche, and the Centre’s distinguished publications, which illuminate the vast wealth of sciences, arts, and cultural heritage of Islamic civilisations, which have played a pivotal role in enlightening humanity as a whole.

She also learned about the unique experience of the “Tolerance Path”, which takes visitors of different cultures on an exceptional exploration journey.

Moreover, she gained insight into the unparalleled experience provided by the “Tolerance Path”, which immerses visitors from different cultural backgrounds in a remarkable exploration encompassing a visual narrative across the path’s three divisions, portraying pioneering advancements in promoting coexistence, tolerance, and the opening of channels for civilisational dialogue between different cultures around the world.

The U.S. ambassador and the accompanying delegation later toured the halls and external corridors of the mosque, where they learned about its construction history, aesthetics, and the exquisite art of Islamic architecture that manifests in all its aspects.

They also explored the mosque’s unique collections and the magnificent contributions of Islamic civilisation throughout the ages in terms of arts and architectural designs, which varied in their designs and diversity in the mosque’s construction, reflecting the beauty of cultural harmony and its integration in one creative work.

At the end of the visit, she was presented with a copy of the book “Spaces of Light” one of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre’s unique publications, which includes several distinguished and award-winning photographs from the “Spaces of Light” photography award organised by the Centre periodically, highlighting the beauty of Islamic architecture in the mosque.