China Expresses Support for All Peace Efforts Regarding Ukraine Crisis

China Expresses Support for All Peace Efforts Regarding Ukraine Crisis

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: China has expressed its support for all efforts conducive to achieving peace in the Ukraine crisis, as stated by a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday. This statement comes in anticipation of a Ukraine peace conference scheduled to be held in Switzerland over the weekend.

Lin Jian, speaking at a press briefing, emphasized China’s fair, just, and open stance on the conference. He noted that China has maintained close communication with all relevant parties, including Switzerland and Ukraine, regarding the conference’s organization. Lin encouraged the invitation of all parties to participate on an equal footing and to discuss all options fairly.

Despite its supportive stance, China has opted not to participate in the meeting, citing three unmet conditions: recognition from both Russia and Ukraine, equal participation of all parties, and the fair discussion of all peace plans.

On May 23, China and Brazil issued a six-point agreement on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. The agreement calls for observing three principles to deescalate the situation: no expansion of the battlefield, no escalation of fighting or provocation by any party, maintaining dialogue and negotiation, and increasing humanitarian assistance. The agreement also opposes the use of weapons of mass destruction, attacks on nuclear power plants, and the division of the world into isolated political or economic groups.

Lin noted that more than 100 countries have responded positively to the six-point common understandings, reflecting the general expectations of the international community. “We welcome more countries to support and endorse the six-point common understandings,” Lin added.