Qatar University offers Executive Master’s Program in Leadership

Qatar University offers Executive Master’s Program in Leadership

Doha, The Gulf Observer: The College of Business and Economics at Qatar University (QU) has offered an Executive Master’s Program in Leadership, in Arabic language.

This program aims to enhance and deepen the concept of leadership and its role in addressing contemporary global business issues.

Additionally, it blends advanced leadership theories with real-world management skills and competencies. A memorandum of understanding between Qatar University and the Qatar Leadership Center covers this prestigious curriculum.

The International Association for the Advancement of Colleges of Business (AACSB), an American organization that specializes in accrediting universities’ top-notch academic programs, has granted this program accreditation. Regarding quality, strategic goals, and learning outcomes, this program meets with international standards.

Prof. Rana Sobh, Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University, made the following statement in response to the program: “This program targets graduates of the national leadership programs at the Qatar Leadership Center, as it gives them the opportunity to enhance their leadership capabilities by acquiring scientific and practical foundations in managing institutions and taking part in the formulation of policies based on reality.

“Due to their connection and contact with Qatari officials through official communication channels inside the State of Qatar, they have modern business leadership that enables them to positively influence the institutions to which they belong as well as the rest of the national institutions.”

For his part, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Kuwari, Director General of the Qatar Leadership Center, stressed the importance of introducing this program, saying, “Thanks to the partnership with Qatar University represented by the College of Business and Economics, the graduates of the Qatar Leadership Center will be able to obtain a distinct opportunity by joining an executive education program that has been designed with an innovative methodology that focuses mainly on developing leadership and executive skills to enhance their professional capabilities in various business sectors.”

“This program is specifically designed for leaders, managers, and professionals who wish to deepen and develop theoretical concepts of leadership and to link these theories with practical reality so that the primary goal is the formation of human competencies,” said Prof. Dr. Belaid Aouni, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the College of Business and Economics.

In line with Qatar Vision 2030, which calls for the development of human skills necessary for managing economic and development projects in Qatar and contributing to a knowledge-based Qatari economy, these individuals should be capable of leading institutions effectively and efficiently in a dynamic and complex competitive environment.

Many students with an interest in leadership-related academic content have applied to this program.

Thirty Qatari and non-Qatari students were accepted, who joined the study starting from August 21 for this academic year. There were also several criteria that were taken into consideration in selecting students applying to the program.