UAE Embassy participates at EU’s 6th Brussels Conference on supporting Syria

UAE Embassy participates at EU's 6th Brussels Conference on supporting Syria.

BRUSSELS, TGO: The UAE Embassy in Brussels has participated at the EU’s 6th Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’.

The conference gathered EU institutions and representatives of 55 countries as well as 22 international organizations, including the UN, in an effort to continue supporting the Syrian people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the deterioration of humanitarian conditions.

The event addressed key issues that affect the Syrian people and communities hosting Syrian refugees, as well as global efforts to implement humanitarian relief plans.

The EU conference also highlighted the UAE’s role over the past decade in providing relief aid worth over US$1.11 billion to ease the suffering of the Syrian people in their home country, as well as in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

It also highlighted the UAE’s contribution valued at $23.4 million to the Syria Recovery Trust Fund, which aims to support relevant stabilisation programmes and help fund the establishment of camps for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Iraq, and Greece, including the Emirati-Jordanian camp for refugees in Marjeeb Al Fhood in Jordan, as well as to provide for all educational and health requirements and other services.