Israel must protect civilians in Gaza: White House

Israel must protect civilians in Gaza: White House

Washington, The Gulf Observer: Israel must protect innocent Gaza residents by distinguishing between Hamas and civilians, the White House warned, as world leaders stepped up calls for desperately needed humanitarian aid to reach the war-torn Palestinian territory.

Israel has intensified its air and ground operations in Gaza following a surprise attack by the Palestinian group more than three weeks ago that Israeli authorities say killed at least 1,400 people.

Since the October 7 attack, more than 8,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel’s relentless retaliatory bombardments, half of them children, says the health ministry in the Gaza.

The United Nations earlier warned that “civil order” was starting to collapse in Gaza after thousands of people ransacked its food warehouses there, taking wheat, flour and other supplies.

The bloodshed saw the Biden administration warn Israel that it must protect civilian lives.