Jokowi to visit Pariaman City, West Sumatra on Wednesday

Jokowi to visit Pariaman City, West Sumatra on Wednesday

Pariaman, The Gulf Observer: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is scheduled to visit Pariaman City, West Sumatra, on Wednesday (October 25), to inspect activities at a historical market and a vocational high school, Acting Pariaman Mayor Roberia stated.

“According to the plan, the president will come to Pariaman to visit Pasar Rakyat Pariaman (Pariaman People’s Market) and SMKN (Vocational Public High School) 1 Pariaman,” Roberia remarked during a press conference in Pariaman on Monday.

He explained that President Jokowi will inspect the latest condition of the market that was established over a century ago.

The president’s visit will also be consistent with the government’s efforts to control Indonesia’s inflation rate and ensure that the prices of basic necessities offered at markets are affordable to the people, he remarked.

“The government is striving to control inflation in Indonesia every single day,” he stated.

After inspecting the market, the acting mayor noted that the head of state will visit SMKN 1 Pariaman to have a first-hand view of the learning processes of students.

“It is obvious that the president’s visit will be a blessing for Pariaman,” he stated.

Furthermore, Roberia emphasized that President Jokowi’s scheduled visit will be free from any political interests since it is not a political agenda.

“He (the president) wants to directly witness the condition (of the Pariaman People’s Market) instead of merely receiving reports,” he affirmed.

President Joko will initially officiate an airport in Mentawai Islands District before visiting Pariaman City and Agam District, West Sumatra.

Earlier, on April 2021, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin inaugurated the building of the Pariaman People’s Market after it was revitalized by the central government.

“The government is committed to continuously carrying out development and revitalization to provide access to merchants, particularly MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises),” VP Amin remarked during the inauguration of the revitalized market.

He noted that the government revitalized the Pariaman People’s Market by taking into account the market’s long history and applying the environmental aspect and the values of local wisdom.