Türkiye Calls on NATO Allies to Condemn Israel’s Actions in Gaza

NATO Allies

Washington, The Gulf Observer: Türkiye has urged NATO allies to take a decisive stance against Israel’s aggression in Gaza, stated Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus during a NATO parliamentary summit in the United States.

“We, members of the world’s most powerful defense organization, cannot turn a blind eye to one of the most pressing global issues, to the immense human catastrophe unfolding in Gaza,” Kurtulmus asserted. “This bloodshed and Israel’s massacres must stop.”

Kurtulmus is in the US until July 10 to attend the summit, which brings together parliamentary leaders from NATO’s 32 members plus Ukraine, including 23 speakers of parliament.

Addressing the summit, Kurtulmus highlighted the grave risk of the current situation escalating into a regional war. He emphasized the need for discussions on global security to align with the principles of fairness and justice.

“We call on allies to declare ‘no more’ to the Netanyahu government’s aggression,” he added, reinforcing Türkiye’s demand for an immediate permanent ceasefire, unhindered humanitarian access, and a two-state solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Kurtulmus’s appeal underscores Türkiye’s commitment to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and its call for NATO allies to take a unified stand against the ongoing violence.